Losing my mother in 2019 was the worst thing I've ever experienced. I fell into depression, I gained over 50 pounds, and my face was a mess. I suffered from hyperpigmentation (dark spots), which started as a teenager but got worse as I got older due to ingrown chin hair. I was totally unrecognizable, and as a single mom of 2, I lost myself.

But one day I decided to take charge of my life and do something about my skin. So I went to my local beauty supply store to find something that would clear my skin up, but the only things I could find were bleaching creams and I had no interest in bleaching my skin.

So I went to Wholefoods instead since that seemed like a safer route. But back in 2019, there were absolutely no products for black and brown women who experienced hyperpigmentation. 


Feeling defeated, I decided to go another route by making my own solution, and that's when I thought about my mom's home made face mask recipes that she used to make when I was a little girl to combat her dark spots from breakouts and ingrown hair!

My mom was from the island of Trinidad and Tobago, so I used ingredients from her native country such as Aloe vera and Turmeric to fade my dark spots and instantly reveal my natural glow!

That’s when I decided to create my own facial serum by using these same principles and infused those ingredients with my 5 Berri Botanical Complex and Vitamin C, ingredients that have been scientifically studied to target dark spots and uneven skin tone, found in my hero product Berri-Clear. And, inspired by our bold, colorfully vibrant Trinidad Carnival and tropical atmosphere, Berri-Clear Skin was born.


Berri-Clear Skin, is a woman-owned, plant-based beauty brand inspired by old school Trinidadian culture where ingredients for home made remedies were grown fresh and picked from our back yards. 

An idea what began in my mom's kitchen, has now been featured on Vogue, Elle, GQ, Glamour, Harpers Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and!